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Swimming Aids Price List

Our tip:
Quality FINIS paddles, fins and pull buoys are basic swimming aids that are necessary for effective swimming training.

Exclusively for our swimmers order with 10% discount in a specialized swim store.bile pozadi When ordering, please state: Minarikova10


Animation Mr. Smooth   23 USD
Training Plan – Arnie, Bambino, Kiktastic, Overglader, Swinger, Smooth   20 USD
Swim Smooth book   22 EUR
DVD – Catch Master Class   40 EUR
3 DVD´s – Everything you need to improve your swimming   50 EUR
DVD – Learn to swim freestyle   40 EUR
DVD – Training plan for OH/HIM/IM triatlon   40 EUR
Web App - Swim Smoothe Coaching System   139 EUR
Swim Smooth Swim Cap - pink, green   200 CZK


Floating fins size 22-35   690 CZK
Floating fins size 36-41   890 CZK
Floating fins size 42-47   990 CZK
Freestyler paddles size jr, sr   650 CZK
Agility paddles   690 CZK
Instinct paddles size jr, sr   450 CZK
Freestyle snorkel sr.   890 CZK
Free style snorkel jr.   990 CZK
Pull buoy   490 CZK
Stopwatch 3X-100M   1990 CZK
Tempo Trainer Pro   1590 CZK
Ankle strap   250 CZK
Nose clip   160 CZK
Basic kick board KLASIK   156 CZK


JUNIOR&MASTERS Training Pack      200 - 5700 CZK
Club Representative Pack    


Prices are valid from 1st January 2017
We are not VAT payers.

General Terms

The Provider further advises the swimmer that when the goods are purchased through the provider, a contractual relationship is established directly between the swimmer and the producer / supplier of the goods. All rights and obligations (in particular liability for defective performance or warranty rights) are agreed without further involvement of the provider. The manufacturer / supplier of the goods was advised of this circumstance. In the case of ordering goods through the provider, this legal representative gives consent to the provider with his / her representation to handle the contractual relationship, including the inspection of equipment. In other matters, the swimmer is obliged to act directly with the manufacturer /supplier.

By placing the order, I confirm that I have read the General Terms, I have understood and agree with them.

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