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Swim Coaches

MSc. Gabriela Minaříková
Head Coach

Swimming has always been my passion. Through swimming I can relax my body and soul, and revive my energy. Water evokes purity and serenity, and awakens joy in me. Apart from swimming, I am also interested in all water sports such as water polo, water skiing, diving, scuba diving, canoeing, yachting and windsurfing.

I am a  Swim Coach level 1, Health Swim Instructor level 1 and trained Life-guard.
Level 1 is the highest possible grade of swim coaching qulification in Czech Republic.

I have completed Masters studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague with swimming coaching and health swimming specialisations.

Earlier in my career I graduated from Nursing College with a General Nursing specialization. I worked as a Registered Nurse in the UK, Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic.

I studied English at The Cambridge Centre For Further Education in the USA. I hold an IELTS certificate in international academic English.

I am a certified Swim Smooth Coach, the only holder of a permit to operate a Swim Smooth swimming center in the Czech Republic.
In the headquarters of the Swim Smooth learning and training center in Perth, Australia, I was the first and only representative of the Czech Republic who received an official license as a "Swim Smooth Coach". I am an active member of the global Swim Smooth team of coaches of this unique Australian philosophy and methodology of teaching and training pool swimming and open water swimming.

Competitive Swimming Achievements:

Bronze medals at Czech Republic National Championship in the 50m butterfly, 50m freestyle and 800m freestyle. Gold medal in 4 × 100m freestyle relay.

I have placed 12th on 100 m Freestyle in Masters category on FINA World Championship 2015 in Kazan, Russia. How I was able to achieve this excellent result with only one workout a week? Read more here.

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Gabi also recieved Top 50 Swim Coaches Award.


Swim Coach


Sport is a very important part of my life. I started with swimming at elementary school, but in my race career I focused mainly on cross-country skiing. Because I have a lot of experiences with other sports, my point of view can help non-swimmers and beginners. 


During my University studies at the Faculty of Education I practised teaching at an Elementary School, where I then spent almost eight  years as a full-time teacher of Swimming and Physical Education. At the same time I also trained children of various nationalities and different skill levels at private swimming schools. I am a licensed Swim Coach level 3.

Why I decided to train Swim Smooth?

As a longtime teacher and swimming coach, when I first discovered the Swim Smooth method, its expertise and efficiency immediately appealed to me, as well as the aim to gain broad publicity for swimming. For our situation in Czech, this is still a very unconventional method and it is very fun to apply this new approach in training.

Gabriela first captured my attention with her professionalism, expertise and zeal for the cause (or passion for swimming). For these reasons, I have decided to work together with her, and I continue to be convinced  that this decision was absolutely correct. Gabriela is the “Zdenek Polreich” of swimming – an indisputable expert in her field.


Swim Coach

I have been swimming since I was 4 years old and from the beginning I knew that it would be my sport and my life. I am multiple junior Freestyle champion of the Czech Republic and thanks to training twice a day I’ve had successes and wins, in both the Czech Republic and internationally.  My greatest achievements are my participation in the Youth Olympic Games and Junior European Championships. I also participated in World Water Rescue Championship.
After 16 years of swimming I had to end my competitive career for health reasons. Since then, I have been fully devoted to coaching swimming and studying Physical Education.


I am a final year Masters student at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science at Charles University in Prague, specializing in sports swimming.In addition to sports swimming I’m also studying Health swimming, Swimming for people with disabilities and Swimming for children. Since 2009 I have been successfully coaching both children and adults.

Why I decided to train Swim Smooth?

I am one of those people who like to get to know and learn new things. That is why I did not hesitate for a moment to accept the offer to coach for Gábi. 3 years ago Gábi began to uncover the secrets beneath the Swim Smooth method. Although I have been swimming since I was 6 years old, never-before had I encountered this method. I was very curious about how it works -  not only in theory, but also in practice. Today I can say that Swim Smooth is a perfectly sophisticated system that can, unlike conventional Czech swimming methodology, be applicable to everyone with 100% success. Our clients are proof of this.

I can recommend working with Gabi to anyone wishing to learn to swim by other means than those previously been known. I appreciate the fact that Gábi allowed me to become a member of Team Swim Smooth, as well as her professionalism, diligence and enthusiasm for what she does.


Swim Coach

I love to swim and working on myself. I‘m focused on leisure time activities for babies to adults where I enjoy to work either in a group or with an individuals. My other passion is music and singing. Although the motivation is an important, I believe that even right kind of breathing is the same important one at least. That’s the same for swimming and for singing as well. For me, swimming combines the possibility of healthy movement, relaxation and never-ending forward moving.


I’ve been working with childs since my 15, focused mainly on leisure time activities. I spent over 10 years by active swimming with TJ KOH-I-NOOR České Budejovice. I was even a member of Youth Water Rescue team. I’m certified swimming instructor by Ministry of Education.

Why I decided to coach for Swim Smooth?

I often experienced the feeling that "it must go otherwise" not just in swimming, but even at school. Therefore, I began to focus on a new and alternative approaches to education. The Swim smooth method addressed me in fact of both, joy of learning and the ability to achieve a better results.





Swimming was the first sport that caught my attention and I have stayed with it until today. I dedicated eight years of my life to competitive swimming. Several times I participated in the Championship of the Czech Republic in long distance swimming. The last few years I have been focused on teaching and training children and adults.


I own the certificate Swim Coach - tier III issued by FTVS (Faculty of Sport and Physical Education). I have experience with individual teaching of both children and adults, as well as group lessons in English and Czech.

Why I decided to coach for Swim Smooth?

I have a Swimming Coaching License Level 3, but hadn't yet been able to gain much experience. I decided this must change! When I found an opportunity to coach for the Swim Smooth swim school and club, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Although I had never encountered the Swim Smooth method, I immediately became very interested in what this method is based on, in its essence, and wanted to know more about it. Now I know that it is a complex system that approaches each swimmer individually, and also guarantees a high probability of success. I appreciate Gabi´s professionalism, and her original approach to the whole Swim Smooth project.


Swim Coach

As a young child I loved the water and of course swimming, which is part of it. I was 8 years old when I started with synchronized swimming. Firstly we learned all four swimming strokes and competed at some swim meets. Due to my medical problems I quit my swimming career and I didn’t touch the water for over three years. But I have come to recognize what swimming means to me. It is movement that is important for my life and it gives me a new power and makes me happy. That is the reason why i love water sports such as windsurfing, flyboarding, wakeboarding and of course swimming.


I have helped to teach synchronized swimming to little children. I have been admitted to the sport management program at Charles University. I have taken an instructor‘s course for swimming.

Why I decided to train Swim Smooth?

I was pleasantly surprised by the first lesson I visited. The instructors were listening to the kids and they tried to understand their swimming needs. This was my first experience with the Swim 

Swim Coach

I have been sporty since I was a child and have always enjoyed it and I believe I always will. I didn't do any sport at a competitive level, but tried to do various sports and not focus just on one.  At one point, I did karate, taekwondo, table tennis, as well as swimming, which I have done the longest. When I swim I can clear my mind and work all the muscles in my body.  At the moment I also do Krav-Maga, which is a very effective Israeli form of self-defense.


At the moment I am a final year student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. During my studies I've attended the swimming instructor course and received the qualification of swimming coach III Class. I am in my fourth year of teaching swimming from preschool children age to adults.

Why I decided to coach for Swim Smooth?

I believe that a person keeps learning throughout his/her entire life. I felt I could improve my teaching and coaching methods. So far I taught only in one swimming school for four years, so I decided it is time to try something new and move on.  At the faculty I heard positive feedback about the Swim Smooth method, and when I saw a training session at the swimming pool I became even more interested in its approach to the swimmers. During the interview with Mrs. Minaříková, I was impressed by her expertise and interest in offering the highest quality swimming lessons and training.


Ever since my childhood I have loved water and believe it is an element full of life and changes. Water brings me so much fun and an opportunity to be just on my own, either moving around or just floating and relaxing.


My four daughters play a big part on my achievement to becoming a swimming teacher. During my time with them in the water, I fell in love with the idea of working with children and water. I decided to requalify and since the year 2000 I have been working as a trainer of the baby swimming, swimming with older children and with handicapped children.

In the last few years I studied and practiced water therapies WATSU, WATA and aquahealing.

Why have I decided to be a Swim Smooth coach?

I believe it is important to get used to the water, to feel it, to respect it and learn how powerful it can be.  All of this can be experienced with Swim smooth. I met Gabriela Minaříková at a time when I wanted to quit swimming, but after talking to Gabriela, she motivated me to join Swim Smooth and learn their method which was completely new to me but I really liked the sound of it.


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