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Swim Club Price List

Our tip:

Come to try one-time non-binding training, have a swim and find out more about the Swim Smooth method. We will advise you which swimming group is ideal for you or your little swimmers to enter.

Benefit program - up to 20% off:
In order to support the expansion of our members‘ base and reward existing clients, we offer a " Subscription Discount". If a new client includes your name in the application, you will both get discounts for the first term on your chosen course. The 20% discount on the new client's rate will be divided equally between you and deducted from the price of the course.* e.g. Mr Novák will enter your name on  his  application form and will pay for a course which costs  CZK 10,000. A discount of 20% on the 10,000 CZK will be split between you - that is, 1,000 CZK will be deducted from Mr Novak’s e course as well as from your chosen subscription. * (This discount only  applies to group lessons).

We accept payments through Benefity, Benefit Plus and Edenred.*


Registration Fee (school year)/ for all swimmers   1 200 czk

»We are a registered club with Czech Swimming Federation and with membership registration 1 200 CZK/ year you get these benefits«

Status of a registered athlete

Discounted prices of 100 - 1000 CZK for club´s events

Voucher of 100 CZK for each half-year term for club products

50% discount on the rental of a monofin and costume for the first lesson

A ticket for a themed summer and winter afternoon full of competitions, rewards and fun

Online kept swimmer's diary

Comprehensive compensation system - lessons can be replaced by adults and family members across all groups

Swimming stage
CZK/ lesson
Lessons/ week
Lessons/ half term
CZK/ half term without dry land
  1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Kids Starter
500         1x 18 9 000
500         1x 18 9 000
Swim Skills
500 450       2x 36 17 100
Train to Train 500 450 400     3x 54 24 300
Train to Compete 500 450 400 350   4x 72 30 600
Train to Win 500         1x 18 9 000
Train to Win 500         1x za 14 dní 9 4 500
Dry Land Workout (Indoor or outdoor 300         1x 18 5 400
Dry Land Workout (Indoor and Outdoor) 300 250       2x  36 9 900
Train for Pleasure 500         1x 18 9 000
Mermaiding 500         1x 18 9 000

* Two basic training sessions in the AXA pool is the minimum for all racing members. A third training session takes place in the Strahov pool for Train to Train and Train to Compete together in one lane. A fourth specialized training session focusing on the main stroke with the head Coach takes the form of individual lessons combined with video analysis. The ideal condition is the participation of racing swimmers doing dry land training.
** The head coach reserves the right to favor swimmers using the full range of prescribed lessons when setting up the capacity of the track.
*** Swimmers benefiting from a full training grant can replace a lesson in Masters lessons, depending on the course and the number of training sessions in the group and swimming skills of the swimmer.
**** Discounts can not be applied to payments via Benefit and Benefit Plus.


CZK/ Registration Fee (school year)/ for competitive swimmers   1 200
Swimming stage
CZK/ lesson
Lesson/ week
Lesson/ half term
CZK/ half term
  1. 2. 3      
Rehab 500     1x 18 9 000
Revise 500     1x 18 9 000
500     1x 18 9 000
Revise+Reshape* 500 450   2x 36 17 100
Rehab+Revise+Reshape* 500 450 400 3x 54 24 300
*The lower rate for the second and third training per week can only be taken by the swimmer, who is a registered member of the Swim Smooth Club, partcipates in races organized by Czech Swimming Federation and an annual registration fee is paid. 
** Discounts can not be applied to payments via Benefit and Benefit Plus.


What you should know before paying the membership fees:

If interested, you can try one-time non-binding lesson and pay the same price as registered club members. In case of registration during the year, the membership fee is for only the remaining lessons. Participation in any team can occur any time during the half term, with the subscription paid pro rata.

In JUNIOR Program swimmers of Train to Compete Team benefiting from a full training grant can replace a lesson in Masters lessons, depending on the course and the capacity of the lane and swimming skills of the swimmer.

In MASTERS Program you can train in the Rehab, Revise and Reshape groups in the Masters Program without having to pay the annual registration fee. Membership in the section is compulsory in case of interest in participation in competitions organized by the Czech Association of Swimming Sports (CSPS). In this case, the swimmer is obliged to pay the annual registration fee for the duration of his membership and is entitled to draw the lower rate of the subscription fee. Compensations of lessons are possible for those who are training once a week at the time of pre-paid membership in hours of a team of the same level, depending on the capcity of the lane and if the swimmer is efficient enough for another group.

Prices are valid from 1st June 2022
We are not VAT payers

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