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We would like to invite children to the club's 6th year race with the summer theme "as a surprise"

We organize races which combine the world of fantasy with swimming, and ensures young swimmers experience racing in a friendly atmosphere.

Swimming is a wonderful sport, that gives young swimmers the experience of a wide range of emotions and gets them used to handling extreme situations. However, if a child does not feel enjoy challenges and is simply following the order of coaches or parents, they will not look forward to their lessons.

Therefore, here at Swim Smooth, we approach the sports training in a revolutionary way. We consider the self-motivation as the building block to a swimmer’s personality. We are determined that they see the race as an excellent opportunity to show their skills and a positive opportunity to push their limits. Even at their first race, our swimmers are encouraged to change their attitudes and learn that it is better to co-operate than to defeat their opponents. Thanks to improving self-esteem of our swimmers, using re-analysis of events and emphasizing team work during the lessons, our children will gain a lifelong love for swimming and sport in general. Come and experience for yourselves our traditional “swim race” and become familiar with the Swim Smooth methodology’s positive and friendly approach. If your little swimmer can swim 50 metres, then they can join our next race. The children will work together to solve a mystery and experience a gripping story. This year's race will have an unknown mystery throughout the whole race.

When can you look forward to Summer Racing Smoothie? It is scheduled to take place on 9.6.2020 and you can register until the 20.5.2020. We look forward to meeting you!


 Enrollment for guests Enrollments for club members


Detailed information about the race:


Aquadream Barrandov, K Barrandovu 8, Praha 5
* Swim club reserves the right to change the date and time.

What is program?

The arrival  with parents

3:15 – 3:30 pm



4 – 6 pm


Get changed

6 – 6:30 pm


Collaborative evaluation

6:30 – 7 pm


Expected end time

7:30 pm


How much does it cost?

490 Kč/child. For members of Swim Smooth Club free of charge.
The price includes

  • rental of the pool and lounge
  • the care of qualified trainers, decoration
  • diploma for each child and big sweet reward

How to pay?

  • On the day of sending application CZK 490
  • The application becomes valid only after receiving payment to the account. The date of receiving the application form and the payment to the account is crucial for placing yourchild on the race.
  • On account SWIM SMOOTH CZECH REPUBLIC, o. s. at Fio Bank, number of account: 2900399343/2010. In the message for recipient please state swim race - the name and surname of the child.
  • Deadline for registration: 14 days before the race.

Watch our video of the children having fun at the 1st race. 


What Happened at the last Summer Racing Smoothie?

20 tisíc mil pod mořem

Letní oddílové závody jsou za námi a my jsme si užili dobrodružství při expedici „20 tisíc mil pod mořem“, kterou jsme podnikli v ponorce kapitána Nema. Nebyla to ale jen tak obyčejná expedice. Obepluli jsme moře a oceány, kde na nás čekalo spoustu nástrah, setkali se s krakaticí a obřím krabem, odpočívali u tropických ostrovů, objevovali bájnou Atlantis, dostali se do silného víru, a dokonce jsme si nakonec poradili i s opravou ponorky.Naši plavci předvedli skvělé nasazení a se všemi disciplínami si bezvadně poradili. Každý z plavců získal diplom a na všechny pak ještě čekal báječný dort. A nebyl jen tak obyčejný. Zdobila ho ponorka i s kapitánem! ;-)

Galerie z 2019

Summer Olympic Games

The 4th race of the Summer Racing Smoothie was held in the spirit of the Olympic Games. The aim of our swimmers was to bring the torch with the Olympic fire from the Greek Olympia to the venue - the Axa Pool : ). Five Olympic Circles, five continents, five disciplines. Meeting all disciplines meant transferring the torch to the whole world. Subsequently, there was bonus discipline - a real torch relay. All the tasks have mastered our great swimmers absolutely brilliantly and thanks again for their participation, perfect atmosphere and great congratulations to great performances! We are looking forward to another club race next year!

Gallery from 2018

Brother Bear

Our Summer Racing Smoothie races are characterized by a very good atmosphere, focusing on cooperation and an engaging story. This year, we were inspired by the North American story of Brother Bear, which is a lesson about cooperation and friendship. During the races, the swimmers completed many tasks that led them to successfully solving the plot and reaching a happy ending.

Our sixth races brought another big surprise for our members with an appearance of Paul Newsome - one of the founders of the Swim Smooth methodology. He was very impressed with our work with children in the JUNIOR Program, which uses Swim Smooth methodology, and decided to come and see us from the opposite side of the globe. He was so excited about seeing the kids and the races! He enjoyed our races so much, that he will come and see us again soon.

Gallery from 2017

Free Willy

At this year’s second round of our Summer Racing Smoothie public race, we had a record turnout due to a large number of newcomers and children from three of our Junior teams  – Blue Weberova, Orange Axa and Swim Skills, which made it such a great adventure. The races in June quickly revealed the story – we continued with the popular “Free Willy” movie theme and the younger swimmers performed various tasks that tested their swimming and communication skills. After welcoming everyone we  headed over to the “rocks” under “waterfalls”, to jump into the waves and sail through the“night” or swim “between seaweed”. We managed to navigate “following the stars” and sail “between stones” leading us to a flock of orca whales. So do you think we saved Willy? Yes of course we did! 

Immediately after the successful rescue, we had a big celebration and discussed the evaluation of our work over the last school year. We found out that we had all improved from the previous races and that we all look forward to the next races and a whole new year of training.

Gallery from 2016

Finding Nemo

The 1st annual Summer Racing Smoothie took place on Monday, June 8, 2015, with 17 swimmers from 5 to 12 years old. The Race had a “Finding Nemo” theme. After a brief introduction, children learned that Nemo is lost and after a warmup, children went to look for him together with Nemo's friends (Jacques, Dory, Bruce, Nigel). They tried various swim disciplines (freestyle kick with swim board, “Screw Kick”/backstroke kick, backstroke, water polo with throwing a ball into a hoop, breaststroke, …) and finally, together they found Nemo. As a thank you, Nemo rewarded them with snack a special drink – obviously a Fruit Smoothie J at the café above the pool. After the race we announcement the results, handout diplomas and show a video presentation of our annual results. The 1st year was very successful, so we decided to make it an annual tradition, as well as our Winter Racing Smoothie. We look forward to meeting you at the race or at individual or group lessons.

Gallery from 2015

Take a look at the presentation of our kids results from last school year 2018/19


Should you need more information about Summer Racing SMOOTHie?

Feel free to contact us at info@swimsmooth.cz or at +420 727 988 955

or follow us on Facebook. Looking forward to meeting you!