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our aproach to acdult swimmers

Swim Smooth coaching is progressive because our approach to adult swimmers is


  • Your ideal stroke technique is different from anyone else’s. We identify your individual dispositions and how to best develop and improve your stroke, so as to best suit you and your appropriate racing discipline.
  • Our unique system distinguishes swimmers according to their body type, personality traits and swimming experience. We believe that each swimmer fits into one of the „SWIM TYPES“  BAMBINO, ARNIE, KICKTASTIC, OVERGLIDER, SWINGER, SMOOTH.

Open thinking

  • Each day we strive to  be better, so that you can be stronger, faster and more persistent. We exchange THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE with coaches and swimmers of other swim clubs.
  • Our SYSTEM OF TEACHING swimming skills is not dogmatic – WE ADJUST it according to the needs and the biggest flaws that prevent you from developmenting.


  • SWIMMING IS A SCIENCE - prime education, years of experience, and our own racing experience has taught us to recognize, explain and break down individual swimming flaws.

A comprehensive

  • Developing your swimming, striking the right balance between fitness development and technique work includes ALL THE SWIMMING TRAINING ELEMENTS such as technique, endurance, strength, speed, regeneration, psychology and tactics.


  • Our simple but powerful CAUSE & EFFECT methodology finds and corrects the cause of your stroke technique issues, and quickly gets you focused on the root of the problem.
  • We only use EFFECTIVE TECHNICAL DRILLS, and focus on their proper implementation.
  • Swim training and racing calendar are PLANNED. Swimmers are not overloaded, nor do we try to make a winner out of you prematurely, at any cost.


  • We adhere to the EQUAL STATUS OF THE CHILD AND TRAINER. We do not act in a superior manner. We listen. Even adult needs respect!
  • We build a PARTNERSHIP of COMMUNICATION. We neither judge, nor direct children in a way  that says “YOU'RE WRONG.” Rather, we describe in a way that says “THIS CAN BE DONE BETTER.”
  • WE LISTEN AND EXPLAIN. Feedback is the foundation of every learning experience, as well as of the collective development of coach and child.
  • We build a SAFE AND FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE. We perceive performance as a shift of personal boundaries, and competition as an opportunity to demonstrate new skills and competencies. Unhealthy comparison and competition leads to hostility, and is a threat to your own values.
  • We work on INTERNAL MOTIVATION. We rationalize and set individual goals together. The key is meaningfulness, and free will to work together.


  • We are passionate about swimming, and we like training to be FUN. Training is not about drills, chasing kilometres and just swimming from wall to wall. Swimming through joy promotes mental health and long-term dedication to this sport.

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