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5 secret tips for swim
on how you, or your children, can get rid of the fear of head immersion


Employees who participate in sporting activities are healthier, more relaxed and more efficient in their work

If you've ever felt tired or stressed out at work, then physical activity will make you feel better. Life is not all about working hard, and if you want to experience a fun activity with your colleagues, we can help you:

There are currently three options for company employees:

a) The first is a contribution from the employer to our standard programs such as REVISE, RESHAPE, INDIVIDUAL and INDIVIDUAL Pro. This option is best for individual swimmers.

b) The second option is the CORPORATE Group Program, which focuses on a group of  colleagues who will be trained based on the Swim Smooth methodology. The training is led by the head coach Gabriela, who is also a certified swim coach of healthy swimming.

c) The third and recommended option for companies is “swimming afternoons“ or “weekend  swimming“. This option is a type of teambuilding activity using the Swim Smooth methodology and approach, which results inquite a unique event. It creates a positive influence on your employee relationships, who will gain practical experience and skills that can be applied to everyday life and training.

Standard corporate lessons in Prague are located in a quiet, friendly and motivating atmosphere at swimming pools Strahov, Axa and Šutka.You can read more about our lessons on our blog "How to take the biggest jump in your career“ (CS version only)


Program participation:

At the moment the corporate lessons are located at the Hotel Olšanka pool and Weberova Elementary pool. Please contact us with your requirements and we will try to find a suitable arrangement. 

Training locations:

Pool Elementary school Weberova 1, Praha 5 (Inaccessible to the public)

Pool Olšanka, Táboritská 23, Praha 3

Pool Strahov, Vaníčkova 2b, Praha 6

Pool Axa, Na Poříčí 40, Praha 1

Our swim coaches:

Gabriela, Tomáš, Zuzana, Eliška, Michal

Training fee:

Lessons are tailored to fit individual client’s requirements -see our prices HERE or contact us at info@swimsmooth.cz or at 727 988 955


"Lessons with Tomáš and Eliška are always great fun and I learned a lot. I found swimming with my colleagues to be interesting and we got to know each other in a different environment.".

John D.

"We started train with Swim Smooth six months ago, and after a short time I also started to train in my spare time. When I swim in the pool I feel my problems wash away.“

Vratislav B.


Should you need more information? Would you like to enroll?

Feel free to contact us at info@swimsmooth.cz or at +420 727 988 955

or follow us on Facebook. Looking forward to meeting you!

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