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Commuter International Swimming Camp

in Prague 1 at the sports centre YMCA

Would you like your children to enjoy summer holidays without having to travel anywhere? Do you need to work and have no valuable babysitting close by? Perhaps you would like your children to enjoy the atmosphere of summer camp, but they are still too young to sleep away from home? Maybe you are considering enrolling your child in sports swimming, but you ´ve found that during the school year he or she did not learn to swim well enough to be accepted into the swimming club?

We know that the end of the holidays can be boring for. Preparing for the return to school is simply not fun! What about the opportunity for your child to improve their swimming skills, and having a great time while doing so?

Entrust your child to the care of our highly professional coaches , who will help them improve their swimming within one week, using the unique Australian Swim Smooth swimming method. During this time, they will make new friends, or strengthen existing friendships, as well as get to know us coaches better. Commuter swimming camp is open to children from all swimming clubs, as well as children who are not yet members of any club.

Commuter international swimming camp is a unique Swim Smooth swimming camp – the only one of its kind not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the world.

  • It is 5 days, Monday to Friday
  • and designed for children aged 6 years and older, who can swim a least 25 m.
  • It is open to children of all nationalities, and communication is offered in Czech and English.
  • Care for your child will be provided by 3 coaches. The camp capacity is limited to sixteen children, which is a superior approach for this type of camp.

Your children will:

  • develop athletic skills,
  • play,
  • create and
  • actively relax.

all in a unique individual, respectful, effective, comprehensive, open, professional and fun approach that sets us apart from other swimming clubs and schools. More about our approach can be found here.


Read about how our successful camp in Nymburk expressed their parents

"Camp was mastered at 150%, you're very good. And thank you very much for Roderik.".
Maja and Laco Horvath

Vasek you all still remember, it was for him truly fabulous swimming camp and you were simply amazing! So we hope that in this New 2015 Vasek will meet the rest of his friends being able to join again your camp or attend any other of your events. Our sincere greetings and wish only the best,",
Dagmar + Michal + Vasek

Check out the video from our successful swimming camp

and hear what said about the camp children themselves


Sing up
your child on a commuter Prague international swimming camp,
which organises the first licensed Swim Smooth swimming club in the world!

Where it will take place?

Sportcentrum YMCA, Na Poříčí 12, Praha 1

When it will take place?

8 to 12th of August 2016, Monday to Friday
8 am – 5 pm.

What will be the daily program?

Arrival 8 - 9 am (program in the gym)  
Swimming 9 - 10 am
Snack 10 - 10:30am
Mon, Wed, Fri - Gym, Tue, Thu - sauna 10:30 - 11:30 am
Lunch 1 – 2 pm, menu can be viewed here
Outdoor program 1 - 3:30 pm
Snack 3:30 - 4 pm
Mon, Wed, Fri - swimming, Tue, Thu - Gym 4 - 5 pm
Pick up children 5 pm

How much will the camp cost?

5500 CZK / child
  • The price includes an all-day program with coaches,
  • gym, sauna and rental of the entire pool, sports equipment and utensils,
  • food and drink (morning and afternoon snacks, lunch meal).
  • The price does not include eventual entry into other sports centres, cultural facilities and public transport.

Payment method and deadline:

  • Latest by 31. 5. 2016 full amount of 5 500 CZK. The application is only valid after full payment has been received. As spots in the camp are limited and in high demand, confirmed registration will be awarded on the basis of timely fee payments.
  • Bank account: SWIM SMOOTH CZECH REPUBLIC, o.s. at Fio Bank, Account No 2900399343/2010, vs. 2015164, message to recipient TY (Camp YMCA) - the name and surname of the child. For international transfer use please IBAN: CZ4420100000002800689706, BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX
  • Cancellation Policy: 50% of the full amount until 31. 5. 2016, after 1. 6. 2016 no refund.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Was your child enthusiastic about the other commuter camp? Or was it just „ok“, rather than EXCELLENT!? We guarantee Excellency! For Swim Smooth, swimming is our passion. Our mission is to continually make swimming better.

Everything we do is with 100% commitment, in order to enrich our clients. We do not see it as just "work".

Deep swimming knowledge, vast coaching practice, experience working with children, and English language skills of the trainers are our standards. We use the highly unique Swim Smooth method, which respects the personal traits and the body shape of each swimmer - absolutely a first in the Czech Republic.

You may think your child may not be a good swimmer, but entrusting him or her to us will definitely convince you otherwise!

The price includes the cost of highly qualified coaches, with a small coach: swimmer ratio of 1: 4.5. This ensures that individual attention can really be paid to the children.

The price also includes a meal and snacks throughout the day, including drinks, and rental costs in the centre of Prague 1. The entire pool is available to children, not just one lane, as well as a separately allocated sauna and a large gym with dimensions of 30 x 12 m.

One of the reasons why we decided to organize the camp was because we heard from our clients, parents of children who have had swimming at school that although their child can swim 25 m freestyle or more, not much improvement was brought about by school swimming. The number of children, time and facilities for such training are some of the hurdles that make improvement difficult to attain.

Children are competitive, and constantly compared themselves to others. If they are not performing the proper technique, they experience stress and let-down (perhaps even being ridiculed by children who swim very well). Unfortunately, not much can be done to prevent this in a large group. Explaining specific mistakes to children, what she/ he has to concentrate on, becomes very difficult. For example, most kids hardly breathe in the water, as no one has taught them correctly.

If is school swimming still lies ahead for your child, thanks to our camp he or she will be much better prepared!

Our camp guarantees you high-quality lessons, and individually focused training for your child. Your child will tell you every day for themselves how happy she/ he was with their successful swimming day, and enjoy telling you how much they have improved!


Should you need more information? Feel free to contact us
at info@swimsmooth.cz or at +420 602 665 554
or follow us on Facebook. Looking forward to your enrollment!